[Deep House] Danny Darko ft Edgard Mile & Akil Wingate – Stay (Strawberry) (Original Mix)

Hi guys,

Well here is a great little tune I have come across. As some of you may know I remixed Akil Wingate’s Startime which managed to be played on radio shows all around the world.

Well he has now teamed up with Danny Darko to bring us some sensual, soulful deep house.

The track has a deep melodic guitar groove with Akils haunting, hurt voice singing regarding genuine heartbreak, loneliness and the perils of love. Guilt, regret, pain. It’s all very real. We have all been through it. And it is especially touching if you have been through it recently. Both the producer and the singer have captured the mood perfectly.

The track is beautifully produced, with bongo rhythms, guitar licks and rhythms throughout, along with a deep groovy baseline. And this song above all has soul and groove. Not a screeching synth in sight. It does not try and be too brash and fits the more sombre mood of the song. The mix allows the Akil to express his performance with poise and polish.

What do you think?

Enjoy the music! Did I get it right?


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