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So i see over the weekend another 2 deaths at New Yorks Electric Zoo Festival, another tragic loss of young life. And it makes me ponder , as a scene we are losing too many young lives. Only last week a respected member of the Melbourne music scene lost his life in Ibiza, and although i did not know him personally, it was obviously a huge shock to everyone.

I have had an idea a while ago that i might be able to help the dance music community look after themselves with my extensive knowledge of both the music scene and the health scene (i am a physiotherapist as well). I opened a page not so long ago called EDM wellness. I have not looked at it for a couple of months but feel like it may be time to revisit this, give everybody some ideas on how to look after their body. Just as this video showing Kaskade, Tommie Sunshine and Steve Aoki highlights the dangers of ecstasy and a little information on management of symptoms:

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Do you think this is a good idea? Should we do something to help promote our health and respect the only body that we have? Let me know your thoughts!

Elton xxoo


  1. Interesting topic raised here Elton.

    I feel as if people need to look at themselves more clearly about what they’re actually doing. Hardcore partying could be compared to sports in a way where people need to stretch, hydrate, train for such environments they are placed in? I know that sounds crazy, but let’s throw alcohol and recreational drugs into the mix and then we have a very hostile environment that people seem to forget can actually cause damage. Let alone the battle of ego’s that exist among most of the crowds these days. It is certainly displayed in our home town.
    That’s not to say the deaths in at EZF were caused by this. It could of been the facilities, lack of ventilation or perhaps the ghost medical conditions of the people themselves? I haven’t read the articles.

    Neither of these are a reason or an excuse to introduces new drastic measures or social values of partying but perhaps a sign of times that people should take more care of themselves when attempting marathon partying efforts.

    This is a good topic to tackle! :)

  2. Dazza thanks for your comments.
    It is certainly time to do something. And the process here would not to command people to do anything. People will do things if they have their mind set to it. But to give information in a way that might help people understand health and wellbeing, and the sensitive link between mind and body. I hope I can help at least someone understand themselves better to achieve better results, no matter what they are looking to achieve


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