Chance meeting with Allessandro Collombini.

Hi y’all,

What are the chances, on a very hot and humid afternoon, of meeting an Italian producer who has sold 30 million records?

Whilst escaping the heat yesterday I went to a local eatery to purchase a lovely cool mango drink. I noticed a man in the corner with a MacBook. There are not many on show here, so it was immediately obvious.

I asked him “is it safe to bring your laptop out”, and he gave me a reasonable explanation it was.

There was no one else around so we chatted about Italy where he was from. And the current social and political issues the country was having.

We then proceeded to talk about occupation. He told me he was a producer from Italy named Allessandro Collombini who had produced and sold over 30 million copies.

My business cards now started to work for me. As he told me of his deals with Sony and his methods of getting perfect mixes,I listened with intent. He said he had seen my logo before. Nice.

Artists he has produced include Antonello Venaitti, Lucio Dalla, Edoarao Bennato, P.F.M, and Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso. I checked out some you tube videos and the production is really spot on! I have a photo but it is proving difficult to get uploaded here presently.

So what are the chance of meeting someone like this at the right place at the right time.

Do you believe in fate?



  1. Why are you in Europe? For this exact reason! Meant go be.

    • That’s right Luke. Thanks for dropping on by.


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