Can we attach to outcome too much?

When we look into things, it can be interesting.
When we attach to outcomes, the craving in this attachment can cause unhappiness.
This can be an issue with goal seeking.
We can be so focussed on getting to the destination. We forget about the journey.
And that is the most important thing about it all.
It’s not what we get at the end. Money, fame, chart success.
It is who we become on the way, the connections we make, the lessons we leant to make us a better person.
When I have achieved something, it has rarely been anything like I have expected.

Only true happiness comes in the present.
As my friend Adrian (from A+E) says, “You are always meant to be in the position you are at the present point in time”.
Personal development, learning a new skill takes time.
Attaching a craving to something you desire can force you to live in the future. And bring you unhappiness because you are pining for something you don’t have.

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