Brock and Ryan: How to get played by Paul Oakenfold.

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Melbourne based trance producers Brock and Ryan are a fast rising force in the music scene. They produce a popular podcast called Australian Made ( and hit worldwide acclaim after winning a Binary Finary and Jordan Suckley remix competition. Fresh from their newest remix of Elton Smith’s “Waiting Around Here”, released this week, we caught up with them for a chat.

ES: Hi guys. How are you?
B&R: We’re good thanks mate. How are you?

ES: Great. So first of all Shane Brock and Christopher Ryan – why the name Brock & Ryan?
B&R: Ha ha. Well as you can guess we didn’t put much thought into it to be honest. Originally we were going to call ourselves Catharsis. ‘Trance’ music can be very Cathartic so seemed like a good metaphor! However we later discovered the name was taken by a heavy metal band so we started using our own names and it kind of just stuck.

ES: How did you guys meet?
B&R: We’re both originally from London but met over here in Melbourne about 11 years ago. We emigrated to Australia around the same time and did some temp work in a factory together. Chris played some progressive trance and we formed a friendship after discovering that we used to go to all the same clubs in London in the early 2000’s.

ES: What clubs were they then?
B&R: There were some really good trance promotions back then like Peach, Freedom, Serious and The Gallery. Sadly many of the clubs we used to go to like the Cross and Turnmills have been pulled down now but we’ve still got great memories of seeing all the big Trance guys like Armin Van Buren and Above and Beyond play in small venues before they became huge!

ES: Tell me about your radio show, Australian Made?
B&R: We obviously started going out clubbing together in Melbourne and found a new love for Australian bush parties and festivals. This is where we gained an appreciation and passion for electronic music in Australia. A few years ago we got into music production and decided to start our own podcast ‘Australian Made’ at the same time. We were buying the music anyway so it just seemed like a natural progression to put it into a mix. We wanted to showcase all the new music we had discovered in Australia. Over the past 2 ½ years we have played music from over 100 hundred Australian producers through our show but keep finding new music and artists every month. We’re amazed at the amount of quality music that’s coming from Australia.

ES:So what got you into Trance and music production in the first place?
B&R: Shane – I went to see a Jean Michel Jarre concert at London Docklands in 1988 as a child and remember being blown away by the music and the theatrical display. Since then I’ve always been into synths and keyboards. Chris has more of a DJ background but we didn’t really get into music production properly until a few years ago after doing a music production course in Melbourne by Steve Ward.

ES: I see you won a remix competition, tell us about that.
B&R: Yeah so shortly after doing the music production course we decided to put what we learnt into practice and entered a remix competition by Binary Finary and Jordan Suckley. It was the first track we had done together but ended up winning the comp. After its release it got played by a lot of big names and we were thrilled to find a video of Paul Oakenfold playing our remix at Ministry of Sound and Gatecrasher.

ES: Nice work on the remix to “Waiting Around Here” boys, tell me about the process you went about to do it.
B&R: Thanks mate. The bass in your original track is a really strong element so we basically built up the track around that. The percussion started with some break beats and we tried to make the track uplifting by adding all the extra elements such as the pianos, guitar riffs, synths, pads and FX around that. We decided to do an extended mix so added a couple of breakdown and drop sections.

ES: Who are your musical influences outside of Australia.
B&R: John 00 Fleming, Max Graham, Protoculture, Airwave, The Digital Blonde, Solarstone. The list is endless!

ES: What are the plans for the future and your production and remixing?
B&R: It’s a slow process with us as we both have children and full time jobs. As our time in the studio is limited we always end up doing late night sessions. We have some more remixes and collaborations planned and have been working on our own material which we hope to release next year.

Elton Smith’s “Waiting Around Here – The Remixes” now out as a pre-release on Bandcamp here. Full digital release on 15th August 2016.

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