Book review – Stabbed Ego by Luke Kennedy

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Firstly I would like to say thank you to Luke Kennedy for writing this book. It was an entertaining read. I literally could not put it down.


Stabbed Ego, by Luke Kennedy, is a journey into the life of a graffiti artist, thug, alcoholic and drug user on a path to enlightenment. Readers around here would know this would be something that I would like.

It gave me a valuable insight into the street art subculture. Art, violence, drugs and excessive partying. A set of small life stories broken into chapters, most detail his sometimes dangerous actions, fighting with other crews for the right to paint, to be seen to be the toughest. To fuel his ever growing ego.

Luke explains this as an ego driven activity. On a decreasing downward spiral of violence and excess. His behaviour brought him plenty of trouble with the law. He explains how his bond with his friends was eternal and loyal, but also almost fatal. He was stabbed and violently beaten up more than once, ending up in hospital many times over with unrecognisable damage.

A night out in Thailand proved his reckless behaviour. After too much alcohol and cocaine, he crashed his bike leaving himself with a fractured pelvis and many other serious injuries. His parents paid $22,000 to get him home from the disaster.

However he led a path to retribution. What helped him? A realisation the like energy attracts like energy. Negativity attracts negativity. And vice versa.

With the help of family and friends he willed himself out of the situation he was in. And avoided temptation.

He started looking after himself with an attention to boxing and nutrition. He improved himself by going to a personal training course, where of course he met a like minded soul and they ended up getting married.

Luke does not paint the picture he lives happily ever after. A lifelong commitment to change is not easy. He did change his own energy which in turn attracted other people into his life and better experiences. He did this through:


His psychologist said it well. Your environment has a major impact on your behaviour. Hanging around with negative energy will impact on your mentality. The one thing you need to protect. So many times he regressed when he went back into his old environment on the streets. Trouble came looking for him when he was in the wrong place.

Something we can all learn from. A recommended read.

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