Birthday drinks with Mega DJ/Producer Adrian Butinar.

Hey there,

Not so long ago i had the privilege of having birthday drinks with Mr Butinar who has enjoyed some excellent international success with his productions. Most notably he won a remix competition for the label Euphonic records. Adrian’s remix of Sonorous – Last Sunday had both a vinyl and digital release and very positive review in DJ mag. Impressive stuff.

Adrian has also been very generous in giving me pointers along the way with my productions. In the beginning i often i thought i had written the next big hit, when all i had written was dribble (as he correctly told me).

The message to all DJs and producers is to find people with common ground. Who are mentors. And listen to their advice. The most successful people all have had and continue to have mentors. Adrian has and continues to help me with my sound. He does not produce for me, and only i can sit down and perform the requisite 10,000 hours for mastery of a skill, but when i need advice he is there to give it to me. And i am willing to take criticism in order to improve and not get too defensive about it.

Not so long ago in another post i wrote about how one small decision can change a life. I met Adrian at a DJ meeting organised by Dave Juric for a night called Dynamic. It was an event held at Room 680 in Melbourne for up and coming DJ’s. I remember specifically i had to push myself to go on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. I had a shower. I went.

Below is a mix of Adrian’s productions:

For his birthday drinks we went to Transport Bar in Melbourne. Pictures are below. I had to leave earlier than the rest, it was looking like a big night. All in all a great night!




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