Bangkok.. the city of opposites

Hi all,

Well as some of you may know i have set out on a journey around Thailand for a holiday, to explore the sights and sounds, and to get out of the oncoming winter of Melbourne.

So i have found myself in Bangkok, the city of extremes. Of wealth and poverty. But a city that works. Where there seems to be little anger. Where the roads are chaotic with seemingly no road rules, but no road rage as well. You cut me off, no problems, its just the way things go around here. Where there seems to be no logical system to the overhead electrical cabling, but the power still works. And my impression.. the people are friendly and happy.

A typical street stall in Bangkok

I had a funny experience a couple of nights ago. Wandering around, i took the sky train to Sala Daeng. The guide book had recommended a few places there, and seeing as i had not packed going out clothes, i was unlikely to get onto the more exclusive rooftop bars.

As i walked down, with girls outside bars catcalling Japanese men, i was approached by this nice man. He started conversing freely. And mentioned he had a bar. He invited me for a drink. What a nice chap, he said he saw i was by myself and wanted to show me his bar. As i entered a long hallway at the back of a restaurant, something seemed a bit funny. I entered and saw a couch full of women dressed very scantily. Righteo, not want i was expecting. This had gone from, come for a drink to a rather dodgy situation. No one was in this bar. Except a lot of women. Not your normal bar i see.

I was never threatened but i didn’t feel entirely comfortable either. I bought the nice gentleman a pretty pricey drink and bode my farewells. Pretty quickly.

These are the stories of Bangkok. Its a good lesson, but even this was not a threatening situation. It is a way of life.

The people are friendly and i have already sampled much street food. Tom yum soup, crispy pork rice, vegetarian soup, watermelon, papaya, mango and pancakes with egg and banana.

Tom yum soup

So i will keep you updated on my progress. I am going to Pattaya, by the beach, to see what it is like there.

What are your experiences of Bangkok


  1. Expect Pattaya might be similar to the bar experience above! Hua Hin has come back in favour for bkk folk over the past 4-5 years. Also, try getting some of the canal ferries to get around. A good glimpse into a disappearing way of life!

    • You sound pretty experienced mate! Good advice. In fact check out my next post for a weird experience :). Thanks for the tips.


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