Avicci’s retirement is a good reminder to look after your health.

Breaking news. Avicci (aka Tim Bergling) has retired at 20.

Avicci has retired

His reasons for retirement are health related. And it is a good reminder of the importance of looking after yourself. After cramming over 300 shows into 2012, Bergling’s struggled to keep his touring commitments.

In 2013 Bergling ended up in hospital due to “alcohol reasons” and cancelled on the first weekend of Australia’s Future Music Festival citing “health issues”.

One year later in March 2014, Bergling pulled out of his closing set on the Ultra Music Festival mainstage citing illness, cancelling all scheduled shows six months later.

This shows the importance of health to achieving what you want and getting the most out of life.

Dance music is an interesting culture. However in reality it is based on partying, late nights, alcohol and more often drugs. All of which are not good for your health.

Health is one thing we take for granted. It is only when it is taken away that we realise how much we need it.

Like anything, health is a constant effort. It means putting good food in your mouth, eating well, sleeping and exercising. It is not something to be blasé about.

One of my favourite sayings is, “You can’t do well if you don’t feel well”. It’s one of the reasons why I pulled back from DJing many years ago. I started to feel the strain.

It’s not surprising that Tim has not made too much music recently. You can’t be creative if you have health concerns.

So the take home message is this: If you want longevity and to enjoy your life, take some time to do the right thing by your body. It will tolerate poor management for a while, but eventually it will break down.

Good energy in, means good energy out. That’s a fact.


Elton is a qualified physiotherapist and dance music producer. His new album “Waiting Around Here” can be purchased at eltonsmith.bandcamp.com. He is available for Skype consultations regarding health, fitness and life coaching. Email info@eltonsmithmusic.com.

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