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Australian Made #35 featuring the Kultrun remix of Wayside.

Hey guys.
It’s been a while. I have been focussing a bit on Instagram so please click the link above if you want to see how I am spending my days.

I am pleased to announce the Kultrun remix is on this months edition of Australian Made. The Brock and Ryan boys have done a stellar job in compiling some awesome music. It’s great to be featured on it.

Here is the link below. Show some love on Soundcloud. It’s much appreciated.

Wayside Released today!! Get you copy today.

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Out today on Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify to name a few. Wayside remixes is the newest offering for you. Hope bringing new music brings as much joy to you as it does for me. #music #itunes #applemusic #spotify #beatport #deephouse #house

Find it on Bandcamp here
Find it on Beatport here


Elton Smith & Adrian Butinar – Wayside (Remixes) OUT NOW!!

The Elton Smith and Adrian Butinar hit song Wayside is now repackaged with a beautiful set of remixes from Kolbin, Kultrun and Team Arcade. Drawing inspiration from the original, they all retain its mystical beauty and haunting deep sound, whilst adding their own unique interpretation. Truely spectacular music to take you away to that special place in your mind.

So get your pre-release copy here on Bandcamp and support Independent artists.

Let me know your thoughts on your favourite remixes!

Wayside remixes with digital remaster of the original.

Hi guys,
Pleased to announce the Wayside remixes are in for mastering. Including the original which is getting a remaster, so the levels are all perfect, ready for you the listener to enjoy.

Please email me directly at for an exclusive pre release copy before it hits the shops.

Getting ready for more good music?

Coming Soon – Adrian Butinar & Elton Smith – Wayside (The Remixes).

Hey guys,

Lots of new music on the way form Elton Smith. Firstly the popular track “Wayside” is being remixed by some very talented artists.

Featuring remixes from Team Arcade, Kultrun and Kolbin, there is surely something to tickle your aural fancy.

Coming soon!
Keep posted @ djeltonsmith on twitter
insta: eltonsmithmusic
snap: eltonsmithhh

Heart – These Dreams.

Just heard this, check it out. Lovely uplifting ballad, and the hair!!


5 lessons I learnt from DJing at Kiss FM.

Hey guys,

After DJing on Kiss FM on the 26.08.16, these are 5 things I learnt.

1. Preparation, preparation, preparation.

Mixing is a lot more enjoyable when you have prepared and know your songs. So be prepared. It really does pay off.

2. Keep your fans informed.

I did a little 20 second grab just before I was leaving my house to give people an indication of the vibe I was feeling. And that was one of pure excitement. You can see it here:

It’s small but it really helps fans engage.

3. Use your voice.

It’s easy to get carried away in the mix. Engage with your audience by saying hello. And acknowledge those who have bothered to tune in. It’s your obligation.

4. Play your own tunes.

Nothing like playing your tunes that you have spent hours crafting. Remember this is why you make dance. For people to listen to. Not to tune a kick drum for 3 hours.

5. Be grateful.

For the ability to DJ anywhere. It’s not your god given right. It’s someone else’s business. And it’s your job to be professional and deliver a good result. Be grateful to the people that listen and to your family and friends who support you.

Most of all I got a great text from Anthony Pappa that says it all:

“Enjoy and have fun”.

That’s the essence that we can sometimes forget. Including me.

Missed the mix? On the other side of the world? No problem.

For exclusive access to my mix email me at I will send you the link.


5 Reasons why you should listen to Elton Smith on Kiss FM tonight (26.08.16)

Tune in to tonight from 6pm

Tune in to tonight from 6pm

Howdy y’all,

Well you all know I am playing on Kiss FM tonight.

Here are 5 reasons why you should tune in to Kiss FM:

1. It will make you feel good. That’s my job.
2. You’ll become richer. In a musical sense.
3. You’ll hear fresh unreleased tracks. You can brag to your friends you heard them first. And Team Arcade can brag he has been on the radio.
4. You’ll hear some songs from the debut Elton Smith Album “Waiting Around Here”. Check them out for yourself.
5. You’ll support Kiss FM. That’s worthwhile.

Did I mention you would feel good? Why do you have sex?
There you go. Tune in tonight. Comment below for a shout out.

Elton Smith on Kiss FM 26.08.18!!!

Bet you can't wait for the Elton Smith set on Kiss FM.

Hey guys. Catch me DJing on kiss this Friday 26.08.16 at 6pm AEST. Don’t miss out as I drop some super new tunes I have been working on for the next album. There will be a mixture of deep house, house, progressive and trance.

I will be doing a live interaction on twitter @ djeltonsmith so drop me a line there and lets have an interaction during the show!

See you then,

Elton Smith & Alexis Kolbin – “German Girl” on Bass Driven Breakbeats.

After reaching no 83 on the Beatport Top 100 Breaks Chart, “German Girl” is now on the Symphonic Distribution playlist called Bass Driven Breakbeats.

You can find it below with some other splendid Breaks Tracks:

Remember to follow me on Spotify in order for me to claim my artist account.
Thanks so much,