August edition of Live @ 125 to premiere on FSEDM radio show in America on the 30/08/13.

Hello everybody,

I hope you are pumped as I am because I have some exciting news. The August edition on Live @ 125 is to be debuted on FSEDM radio on Friday 30/08/13 in the USA @ 11:59 EST (Saturday 31/08/13 at 2:00 pm Australian time). I asked Ed Chapkowski, the founder of FSEDM, to give me a description of the show and its origins. He summarised his thoughts below:

“FSEDM Our Way is the radio show of FSEDM, Full Sail University’s Electronic Dance Music Organization. While I was a student at Full Sail I noticed a void on campus, there was nowhere for artists and fans of dance music to unite and meet each other. As many Universities do, Full Sail had other organizations such as Toastmasters, Entertainment Networking Society, The Ad Club, Black Student Union, and so on, but nothing dedicated strictly to dance music. Success was instant, people loved the idea and we started hosting live events immediately.

Our efforts helped land FSEDM a show on the station, a former terrestrial FM station in the 90’s here in Orlando that moved to the Internet and mobile devices on the Party95 app. We started out on Sundays at 8am and eventually moved to our current time slot at 11:59pm EST every Friday night. The show features current students, alumni, faculty, friends, and whatever else I’m currently listening to. After it airs live you can find FSEDM Our Way on itunes, Stitcher Radio, Blurry, and various other podcast catchers.

Personally I’m an old skooler myself, I found the scene in the summer of 1996 at the historic Club Firestone in Orlando. My crew and I and found a “club mentor” instantly and he told us the importance of respecting the scene and what came before us. I always felt that the scene saved me, yeah I’m one of those, a former lost soul who found himself discovering the sweet sounds of Underground Dance Music, and the beautiful community that came with it. We did what every other young club kid did at the time, spun records 24 hours a day, stayed out till the sun came up, and talked about life and music when we got home.

FSEDM Our Way is my way of helping up-and-coming talent on campus get a little time in the global spotlight, and also showcase a less commercial style of dance music they might not hear anywhere else. Every week I close the show with a classic pre-2000 record from my collection that helped paved the way.
FSEDM and FSEDM Our Way is my way of giving back to the scene and keeping my mentor’s legacy alive.”

So i hope you can join Ed and myself for your usual one hour of House music goodness, with a disco vibe to keep you happy. And the mix will also be featured on and if you want to relisten. Feel free to comment about the mix in the comments section below.

Look forward to hearing from you,
Elton XXXX

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