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February 01, 2016


Waiting Around Here.

  • So This Must Be Love feat Rekekah Withakay (Vocal mix).
  • Truth or Dare featuring Cail Baroni (Vocal mix)
  • Truth or Dare (Instrumental Mix)
  • La Fiesta (Original Mix)
  • Wayside (Feat Adrian Butinar)
  • Suspicione (Original mix).
  • The Weeks (Original mix).
  • Bystander (Original mix)
  • Waiting Around Here (Radio Mix)

Introducing Elton Smith’s debut album called “Waiting Around Here”, released on February 1st 2016 on all major digital resellers. It features collaborations with Cail Baroni (X factor Australia), Rebekah Withakay (a former member of the Funk/Rock band LucysBrownSeville) and Adrian Butinar, (Euphonic/Premier/405 Recordings/Suffused/405 Blue). The album is a mixture of deep house, bass house and future house with some Latin and pop influences. “This album has a nice flow to it, and is cohesive. [It] looks like a lot of work has gone into it. The Weeks is a very cool track.” Danny Bonnici, NuBreed. “Congrats on the new album! There are some great sounding tracks in there.” Darin Epsilon, Perspectives Digital. The song La Fiesta has been charted at Number 2 and 3 on the Kiss FM dance radio charts for the month of February 2016. “Really like the album. Watch out for the charts on Kiss for this one!” Tim Byrne. Kiss FM Melbourne Station Manager. DJ support from Chris Odd (Odd Sounds - Episode 066), DJ Tolstoy, Timmy Byrne (Kiss FM Australia) and many more. Elton has DJed extensively throughout Europe, Asia and Australia and can be contacted on for bookings or an interview.

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