All good things must come to an end.

Did you know the Tibetan Buddhists meditate on death? This is the nine point meditation on death:

Truth: Death is certain.

1. We cannot escape death.
2. Each moment we are alive brings us closer to death.
3. Death comes as a single instant and is unexpected.

Truth 2: The time of death is uncertain.

4. The duration of our lives is unpredictable.
5. There are more causes for death than there are for life.
6. The human body is extremely fragile.

Truth 3:The only thing that can help you at the time of death is your mental and spiritual development.

7. Wealth we’ve accumulated can’t help.
8. Friends and family cannot help.
9. Our bodies can’t help.

What can we conclude from this? Your time is valuable. As is the amount of time you have been put on this Earth to do what you want to do.

Even travel comes to an end as I near the end of this trip. It’s something I cannot change. The world is in constant change. Your body is in constant change.

Once you can accept that things do not last forever, even your life, you may be able to take a moment to pause and realise that everything changes. Experiences come and go. People come and go.

It’s a reason to step out in the world.
But it is also a realisation not to get sad. And to move on, because everything else does.

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