Adrian Butinar – The Rose.

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Adrian Butinar - The Rose.

Presenting new music from Adrian Butinar today. It has been a while since his last solo release in 2012 called Sunnyside Road on 405 Blue. Adrian has been busy with remix work and a side project with A+E which has harvested 2 solid releases on System recordings and Suffused music. In particular the track Cobra has been massively supported. You can find the links to some of the radio shows it has been played here:

Suffused – Over the Moon 010 on Proton Radio

Suffused – Over the Moon 012 on Proton Radio

Suffused – Suffused 050 on friskyRadio

The newest release is called The Rose. It can be streamed from Soundcloud

The track opens with some nice chord stabs and a catchy synth melody. Adrian continues to add many differing layers of percussion whilst developing the melody. The track builds nicely into a very trancey sound. There is clever use of filtering and bit crushing which adds interest into the breakdown. The guitar riff is introduced here.

Superimposed in the break for added effect is a piano melody with a classic trance synth stab. Something big is going to drop.

And it does. The kick and bass drop with the classic trance stab. You can see this one going off on the dance floor. The energy raises further when the guitar riff and vocal chops are reintroduced. The layers mould into each other very nicely, perfectly mixed. It is very busy without ever sounding too crowded.

I can see this being played by some of the biggest names on the planet. One for an Armin Van Buuren in a MainStage set.

Avaiable as a pre-order on iTunes (available on Beatport and other download stores from 11-9-2015):

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