Adrian Butinar – Sunnyside Road Reviews

Sunnyside Road is Adrian Butinars debut original single released on 405 Blue. Featuring vocals from Mel O’Shea. Remixes coming courtesy of Kultrun and Elton Smith. Package also includes a dub and instrumental mix. Buy it here

As explained by Adrian, the story behind the track is that Sunnyside Road is right next to a beach in Mt. Eliza (Melbourne, Australia) located close to the Mornington Peninsula. Every year he and friends from the Slovenian community would escape to the beach for a week or two and stay at an accommodation located on Sunnyside Road. This tradition went on for generations in the Slovenian community in Melbourne before this old accommodation was demolished in order to build newer accommodation. Lots of great friends and memories came from this yearly getaway, which has inspired me to write a song.
Released by: 405 Recordings
Release date: Apr 20, 2012

Some feedback so far from the release:

Aaron Camz
“Kultrun remix for me”

Ahmet Atasever
“Loving most of the mixes. Great release! Will support!”

Angus Gibbins
“Nice Vocals!”

Brett James (Global Trance Radio)
“Liking the Australian’s Elton Smith remix”

Damien Chase (Dr Damage)

Def Digital
Nice package! Especially love melodies, groove and progression of the vocal mix

Flash Brothers
“Nice Dub mix! Cheers”

Guisseppe Ottovani
“Will Support”

James Brooke
“Loving the Vocal mix, will support”

Johnny L
“Elton Smith Rmx works for me!”

Jordan De Graaf
“Good pack altogether, Kultrun mix is outstanding.”

Karbyde & Scylla
Best mix: Elton Smith
Will Support

Matt Dawson
“After checking out the teaser on Soundcloud and speaking to Adrian himself, I have been hanging out to get a listen to the full track and it did not disappoint. Great luscious progressive trance, defineately going into my upcoming mixes, great work”

Paul Van Dyk
“Will support”

Pee Wee Ferris
“Will support thanks”.

Timmy Byrne (Kiss FM)
“Will support”

Trent McDermott
“Nice work Adrian. Dub mix is the perfect balance on the vocal for me. Support!”

Vikki Martin-Smith

Altogether some very positive responses there!!! My remix was featured on Matt Dawson’s excellent podcast Transcend, episode number 17. ( Well worth a listen for trance and prog fans around the world.
If you have any feedback be sure to get onto soundcloud and leave us a message or retweet this story to your friends. Happy music listening folks :).

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