A Thai example of why you should not watch the news.

Howdy y’all,

Well might get serious today. Recently the Thai military declared Marshall law in the country.

Thankfully I have awesome friends and family who are concerned about me. But even though I don’t speak Thai, I tend to not watch the news. I don’t need to know about another death, war, murder or economic and political crisis. I get all of the news filtered to me by people talking about it anyway.

This news fast is nothing new. In fact many teachers recommend it, including Tim Ferris in his book “The four hour work week”.

I think Facebook is almost becoming that way as well.

I believe what we get fed by the media is one disproportionate chunk of negative news. Of course one has to be careful and do your due diligence with your research. Go to a war zone, you better be cautious. But if I had of listened I would not have gained the valuable experiences I have had here.

There are no riots here

There are no riots here

No Thai has mentioned the situation, and I feel more safe here than I do walking down the street back home (where some guy wanted to start a fight in the pub before I left).

Read something inspirational. Learn something new. Don’t sit down for 30 minutes and infuse your brain with negativity and fear. It does effect you.


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