A little update. Online wellness centre to be opened soon.

Hi there,

A little update on what i have been up to. I have not been particularly active on this site but i have been keeping busy in music and other areas. My November set was featured on FSEDM radio in Orlando in December and I am in the process of completing an EP or an album. I am not sure how many songs it will turn out to be, but it is a lot more than my recent output in the last couple of years.

So there has not been a lot of time to update blogs and create much new content. In response to demands and to prevent conflicting information, I am also opening an online wellness centre for people wanting to get more out of life. I have often blogged here on productivity and wellness but do not feel it is the right environment for this. I will keep you posted.

What I have noticed is that there are a lot of people struggling. With stress, anxiety, chronic unhappiness and unhealthiness. I am a qualified physiotherapist and have an interest in mind, body and spirit. I have worked a lot with chronic pain and understand physical and psychological pain. I want to help. You may not have pain but feel you are not thriving in life. I believe i can help with my practise of yoga, meditation and the hundreds of self help books i have read. I understand the physical aspect to these problems as well. I have worked in multidisciplinary teams for years, including psychologists.

So I will keep you posted. I am working hard on this. Do you feel like you need a hand with your physical, emotional and spiritual development? Drop me a line at info@eltonsmithmusic.com to arrange an affordable and intimate look at your lifestyle. Consultations will be through Skype at your convenience.

To your health.
And the music.

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