A life lesson learnt on a bike.

So i was out riding yesterday (that’s Sunday) on my little roadbike. It’s the first time i have not ridden with friends for a while. No-one was around and i wanted to ride. Why not i say…

What do you think the chances are that on the middle of a fairly long 90kms on a hill, in the most remote part of the ride, with no phone reception, i get a flat tyre. Could you give me the chances that my first ride without friends, i would break down? Yes your right, the chances were 100% and it was always going to happen. Life likes to throw us some curve balls, and i guess i am not sure why, just to test our will, patience and strength.

Luckily i had a spare tube and was not particularly concerned. However i was rather miffed.. why would this happen here and now? Do i get all the bad luck?

Well the answer soon came afterwards. I am not yet too proficient at changing tyres and was immediately helped by the first rider that came into view. And as they helped me they explained. It happens all of the time. It happened to them, and his wife has had to pick him up on numerous occasions. This was a nice perspective to take. As the saying goes, “S&^% happens”. It’s called life and everything that has happened to you has happened to someone else before. It’s important to maintain that perspective. It helped me a lot

The lesson i learnt on a bike

The lesson i learnt on a bike

Whats your event that was bound to happen when you least wanted it to?

Don’t forget live @ 125 September edition wil be coming up very soon.

Elton xx

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