5 Reasons why you should listen to Elton Smith on Kiss FM tonight (26.08.16)

Tune in to www.kissfm.com.au tonight from 6pm

Tune in to www.kissfm.com.au tonight from 6pm

Howdy y’all,

Well you all know I am playing on Kiss FM tonight.

Here are 5 reasons why you should tune in to Kiss FM:

1. It will make you feel good. That’s my job.
2. You’ll become richer. In a musical sense.
3. You’ll hear fresh unreleased tracks. You can brag to your friends you heard them first. And Team Arcade can brag he has been on the radio.
4. You’ll hear some songs from the debut Elton Smith Album “Waiting Around Here”. Check them out for yourself.
5. You’ll support Kiss FM. That’s worthwhile.

Did I mention you would feel good? Why do you have sex?
There you go. Tune in tonight. Comment below for a shout out.

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