5 lessons I learnt from DJing at Kiss FM.

Hey guys,

After DJing on Kiss FM on the 26.08.16, these are 5 things I learnt.

1. Preparation, preparation, preparation.

Mixing is a lot more enjoyable when you have prepared and know your songs. So be prepared. It really does pay off.

2. Keep your fans informed.

I did a little 20 second grab just before I was leaving my house to give people an indication of the vibe I was feeling. And that was one of pure excitement. You can see it here:

It’s small but it really helps fans engage.

3. Use your voice.

It’s easy to get carried away in the mix. Engage with your audience by saying hello. And acknowledge those who have bothered to tune in. It’s your obligation.

4. Play your own tunes.

Nothing like playing your tunes that you have spent hours crafting. Remember this is why you make dance. For people to listen to. Not to tune a kick drum for 3 hours.

5. Be grateful.

For the ability to DJ anywhere. It’s not your god given right. It’s someone else’s business. And it’s your job to be professional and deliver a good result. Be grateful to the people that listen and to your family and friends who support you.

Most of all I got a great text from Anthony Pappa that says it all:

“Enjoy and have fun”.

That’s the essence that we can sometimes forget. Including me.

Missed the mix? On the other side of the world? No problem.

For exclusive access to my mix email me at info@eltonsmithmusic.com. I will send you the link.


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