Gig summary @ Oasis Room, Nah Trang, Vietnam.

Hi Guys,
Last friday night, the 17th October, I played a deep house set at Oasis in Nah Trang. Some of the photos are included below.

A little snap of me Djing at Oasis bar.

A little snap of me Djing at Oasis bar.

Elton DJ shot @ Oasis

It was an interesting experience and I learnt a few things. It is always important, when playing away in an unfamiliar environment, to check the equipment before you actually perform. The Denon decks I was unfamiliar with so I went down to the venue to sound check before the gig. And just the best I did. There were other numerous “issues” to iron out. One of the volume faders on the mixers did not work properly and the play button on the right side of the decks was faulty.

These were not insurmountable issues but were things that taught me a valuable lesson. Would
I be able to sort this out if I had not come down earlier and in the midst of the pressure to perform? I don’t think so.

The moral of the story is preparation. The better prepared you are, know the setup even if it is not yours, the better chance of success.

Do you agree?

What to do when you are out of flow?

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Hi y’all,
I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who commented he had been on this website. And that I had not been posting of late. I love writing, so sometimes it feels very easy and flowing.

But what happens when you get out of flow? What happens when lethargy takes over, or the bigger picture becomes involved. When things happen in your life that really make the maintenance of a blog seem small and inconsequential.

It means you are out of flow and i have done a lot of looking into this. Life does happen and not only good things but undesirable circumstances as well. That’s the thing we call life. One minute you are up, the next you are down.

Life is in a constant state of decay. Nature is doing this for you in a way. Your body is decaying all of the time and regenerating, cells die and are replaced.

The reason why the home renovation business is so big is because houses, like humans, decay if not looked after.

So sometimes, in order to make light of a confusing situation, we need time to breathe. To work through our feelings of confusion, lethargy, sadness and happiness. But never to push these away as they are an important part of yourself.

If you are in this state, it is a natural state and a state that is encouraged by nature. What seems like fighting and randomness of atoms on a cellular level, is part of a whole bigger more structured form called the human body. Realise this, and you realise the process of life. We cannot go through life without a state of confusion and resolution because these times are the times of highest growth.

I went travelling. In fact it was great. It opened my eyes. My music was being played over Thailand. But I then needed a break. The higher forces led me to go internally and take a deep introspection of my life. I met people who helped me do that. It’s not comfortable. But nothing hard ever is.

So the news is that I have a new release with A+E which is coming out shortly and a feature on Brock and Ryan’s Australian made. Things are happening. You can be out of flow and still maintain some momentum. But other things also take a hold. And that is life.

More to come,
All the best.

Elton Smith On Kiss FM Melbourne 01.08.14.

Hi guys,

Here is a link to a mix I did on Kiss FM Melbourne on the 01.08.14.

I really enjoyed going down to the studio to entertain on a Friday night from 6-7pm. The accompanying video clip is here for a bit of fun.

How do you think it turned out?


Date announced. Full Moon Party gig 6th November 2014. Thailand.

Hi guys,
I am pleased to announce I will be playing at the Full Moon Party at Moon Bar on the beautiful Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand on the 6th November 2014.

Stacked with a 28 speaker sound system, Moon bar is in the heat of the action right on the beach. It is coming into high season so the beaches will be packed with revellers.

I cannot wait.

Are you coming?

Reat Kay – Trippin’ (Preview)

Here is a track that is #1 on the Deep/Tech charts on trackitdown.

It’s a groovy number with sax and funky percussion.


Milk & Sugar – House Nation Mix Vol. 10

Hi guys,
It’s been a while.
But here is a cool house type set from Milk and Sugar. Some of my favourite producers.

Let the guys know what you think on their soundcloud below. Enjoy the music!

Franco Bianco – Delta FM 90.3, Buenos Aires [07.2014]

Here is a nice deep/tech house set from Buenos Aires, Franco Bianco – Delta FM 90.3, Buenos Aires [07.2014].

Really enjoyed having a listen to this one, nice soundscapes and groovy music.

Sebastian Gampl City Hunter

Some cool 80s sounding sounds here.

Let Sebastian Gampl know what you think of his good work on Soundcloud.

Matt Hoyson – About The Love

Cool groovy deep house from Matt Hoyson

Have a look if it your thing here and you can support the release by buying it on beatport ( I intend to support this as I personally think it is a very cool groovy number.


Hi guys.

I came across this nice little nice edit from James Rhod and Fran Deeper.
Groovy stepped baseline grooving with a lower type arpeggiator some choice metallic sounds drenched in reverb create a nice disco feel to this edit. The vocal fits in well with the arpeggiators to create a nice groove.

This is a free download so you can get it below.

What do you think?