Allan Watts – What am I supposed to do in life?

Try and imagine going to sleep and never waking up.

What was it like to wake up having never gone to sleep?


Elton Smith – Suspicione (Original mix). Free download.

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Hey guys,

I just released a track on Soundcloud which is a free download. Check it out here:

A deep house track, it features a deep, rolling baseline, a vibrato style lead and funky bongos driving the track forward.

Everyone loves free. Get on it!!

Never Drink Spoilt Milk.

Because it makes you sick.

My off milk was funnily disguised in my black coffee.

I was wondering why my stomach was not feeling great.

I found out why.

Always take a closer look at things, the crops might look fine, but on closer inspection the birds are having a mighty fine feast.

Be vigilant. Be aware.

The masters do it so easily.

I will keep this one on the topic of music.

Keep moving

I have recently started watching Groove 3 videos. A tutorial series for music production. It offers excellent value and I encourage everyone who is interested in production to get an all access pass. $100 for an all year pass and access to some of the best information of how to improve your game.

There are some pretty good producers there. In particular I like Timothy Allan. He is entertaining and really knows his material.

This is the point I want to make. Study is really important. In fact, I neglected it for a long time. Some useful tips and information can literally save you hours of time. It also give you inspiration.

But for improvement this is not enough

You then have to go and implement.

Because the masters have practised and make it look so easy. They have spent hours and hours on their craft.

I get inspired and believe I can replicate the technique. However if it is a new technique I will often fail. Many times.

The masters make it look easy.

The same with my Jui Jitsu teacher. He will show a technique. And it looks easy from afar. But when it is time to practise the technique, very few master it straight away let alone implement it in full combat. That mastery is a result of 10 years of training.

So the take home message. Learn. And then practise. If you want to be good.

If you want to be like most people.. you quit. That’s ok too.

No-one is born a genius. It takes practise. And a lot of it.


Life is fickle.

Every day I see how fickle life is. Consequences from road trauma, health issues or family crises.

The pool

Yesterday I was crossing the street. I saw a car turning across the traffic into the street. I walked a little faster to avoid it. The lady behind me did not. She assumed that in the dark, the driver could see her. She was a tiny lady in dark clothing. As I kept walking I heard a huge cry from that same pedestrian. I turned around and the car was literally centimetres away from her legs.

One split second more and her tibial plateaus would have been crushed, resulting in a painful surgery, months of rehab and a permanently painful knee. These don’t get better.

One split second that could change a persons life. Forever.
Would that alter your perspective?

Would your job be as important?
Would you value your family more?
Would you have more leisure time?
Would you be less hard on yourself?
Would you worry about what other people think about you?

Would something like this put life into perspective?

You don’t need t have a life changing experience for you to answer these questions. Just a deep introspection. What is really important to you?

It is important to ask because life is fickle.

Don’t put things off. Know that the story of life is ever changing. It can’t be counted on to be stable. Forever.

But don’t forget to live the experience as well.


Adrian Butinar – The Rose.

Hi folks,

Adrian Butinar - The Rose.

Presenting new music from Adrian Butinar today. It has been a while since his last solo release in 2012 called Sunnyside Road on 405 Blue. Adrian has been busy with remix work and a side project with A+E which has harvested 2 solid releases on System recordings and Suffused music. In particular the track Cobra has been massively supported. You can find the links to some of the radio shows it has been played here:

Suffused – Over the Moon 010 on Proton Radio

Suffused – Over the Moon 012 on Proton Radio

Suffused – Suffused 050 on friskyRadio

The newest release is called The Rose. It can be streamed from Soundcloud

The track opens with some nice chord stabs and a catchy synth melody. Adrian continues to add many differing layers of percussion whilst developing the melody. The track builds nicely into a very trancey sound. There is clever use of filtering and bit crushing which adds interest into the breakdown. The guitar riff is introduced here.

Superimposed in the break for added effect is a piano melody with a classic trance synth stab. Something big is going to drop.

And it does. The kick and bass drop with the classic trance stab. You can see this one going off on the dance floor. The energy raises further when the guitar riff and vocal chops are reintroduced. The layers mould into each other very nicely, perfectly mixed. It is very busy without ever sounding too crowded.

I can see this being played by some of the biggest names on the planet. One for an Armin Van Buuren in a MainStage set.

Avaiable as a pre-order on iTunes (available on Beatport and other download stores from 11-9-2015):

The Kite String Tangle – Given The Chance.

Haunting vocals, very nice chords in the chorus and melodies in the verses.
Well done to the Kite String Tangle.

You are where you are meant to be..

Where are you going?

“You are meant to be where you are for your stage in life”.

Often, as I have done, you can look back on life and start pondering. As my knee is playing up, I ask myself, “What has taken me so long to take action or get it sorted out?”. Now it is still an issue.

As I look at myself with my music I often muse that I should be further developed. I should have done more. What have I been doing the last 10 years?

But I have to keep reminding myself. This is the process of life. Our brain will do this. Over the course of my journey with my knee I have not always had a desire to be active. I was travelling the world, DJing a lot and it was not a priority. Now it is, I can lambaste myself but that is missing the point. The point was that it was not a big enough priority for it to be sorted at the time. Life gets in the way. I see people having surgery after surgery and did not want that to be me. Now I know the time is right due to my past experiences.

The same with music. I have come from a non musical background. I went to SAE in 2006. I have watched people rise and fall and there be a dramatic change in the industry by people who are bold and brash, willing to take risks. Should i have done it differently? Well it was the right thing at that point in my life.

Life isn’t always a straight line and often doesn’t end up exactly how you plan it to. Just because you aren’t at that “place” you thought you should be doesn’t mean you aren’t on track. Just because you didn’t attain the goal you envisioned doesn’t mean you are a failure.

The important thing is to live in the present. And if you are not happy with your progress, change for the better now. Don’t reminisce on the past. Because that has built a foundation for your present self to make the necessary changes.


Live @ 125 August promo trailer.

Here is a very serious trailer for the August edition of Live @ 125.

Elton Smith presents Live @ 125 August 2015.

Here is the latest Live @ 125 mix from the month of August. Featuring tracks from Man of Goodwill, Jody Wisternoff, Sylvan Esso and A+E amongst others. Please enjoy, share and comment. You can reach me at

Elton Smith presents Live @ 125 August 2015. by Elton Smith on Mixcloud