A+E – Cobra (Tommi Oskari remix) first track featured on Proton Radio.

Hey there,
The new track from A+E called Cobra remixed by Tommi Oskari is the first track on Suffused – Over the Moon 010 on Proton Radio. Check it out here:

Not long until you can buy your own copy on all major digital stores.

Let me know what you think.

New A+E Release played on Frisky radio.

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Hey guys,
If you want a sneak peak at the newest release of supergroup A+E it is featured here on Frisky radio in November. Supported by Suffused Diary. Check it out below:

Let me know what y’all think.

Take a step back.

Have you ever made some music and hated the process. Thought you were getting no better. And hated what you have produced?

The process of making anything is tedious. It involves meticulous attention to detail which often requires laborious repetition.

So much so that you can get sick of the product. You hate it, then scrap it.

But this is just an adaptation of the brain. There are many things I have left for a long period of time and come back to with a fresh sense of purpose. I have even caught myself wondering if I was a better producer three years ago. The result was a lot better than I had remembered it to be. This is the reality. But often you can’t see the reality because you are so caught up in the process.

After a rest it is easier to find areas for improvement. When I send a track for critique, I often cannot understand the criticisms. To me, and my reality, the track is perfect. For an outsider with a fresh perspective, their opinion is often more based on reality. They have not heard the tune as many times as you, so can give you a more objective viewpoint.

Take a rest. Do something different. And come back to the process over a layoff. You might be surprised.

Letting go.

Let me tell you about a theory I have currently been testing out. It was originally modelled on technology and the frustrations that come from being a computer musician. This is what I found. When things are not working, and I mean really not working and you can’t seem to get things moving, it is best to leave the situation and return. What I have found is often when you return, the outcome you desire will happen immediately. This has happened so much with me with technology. It also has been applied to other areas of my life.

I once had a voiceover I had to do for my radio show. I could not for the life of me get the recording to happen. I was frustrated. But I remembered that important something. Leave it and come back to it. One more day will not matter. What happened when I came back the next day? It worked immediately.

Maybe it’s refreshing the mental energy and starting again. Even though it is a day later or you lose time in that regard, you actually save time in the end. Because you don’t mess around trying to make things work when you are not in the right headspace. You can do other things in your life.

If a song is frustrating me I will do the same thing. Do something completely different and come back to me. With a fresh sense of purpose I am able to easily come back to the project later.

I had an experience like this yesterday. I had some important documents in my passport that i had to send to the electoral commission. I didn’t vote and was going to get fined (I thought we lived in a democracy?). I had done some music and was about to head out the door to earn some money when I realised I did not have my passport. I looked in my bags and could not find it. Cue a frantic rush against the clock to make it to my destination whist being able to find my important documents. I was getting more and more stressed, I realy love my passport especially after my last adventure. But alas I checked my bag over and over again. Nothing.

Then I just remembered the rule. It’s not the time. The passport will come to you when it is time. You need to go in another direction and restart the process with the documents. I can live without the passport for a day and re do the letter I needed to hand write.

Now this is the strange thing. I was at a cafe the following day. Tired but after I had completed all of my work, a sense of relief purveyed and I felt better. My mind wandered to the passport. I calmly opened my bag and it was there. I was flabbergasted. I had literally searched every inch of my bag left right and centre the day before and it was literally in front of my nose.

I like to look at this as a lesson. The passport came back to me at exactly the right time. At exactly the right place.

I have done this with music as well.

I would encourage you to feel this. If you are feeling frustrated it is time to let go. You will conserve a lot of energy.



“Stuff” seems to have an energy. Being surrounded by “stuff” seems to have an energy.

Recently I went travelling and survived with a mere 11kgs of luggage. Many people commented on how little I had. However never did I feel I did not have enough.

I really like this quote:

We buy things we don’t need.
With money we don’t have.
To impress people we don’t like.

Assess every item you buy. What is the initial outlay of it? Can you afford it? What is the ongoing cost of repair and maintenance? Do you really need it? All “stuff” takes energy to maintain. Will it sit around and look good but depreciate in value, clogging up space in your house, while you expend energy maintaining it?

The solution? Have less “stuff”..
I honestly like the minimal lifestyle. My theory is that the more “stuff” you have, the more this pollutes good clean energy in your mind. And that energy is hard enough to maintain let alone anything external come and passively pollute it.

Until next time,

Welcome back to reality.

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.”

Henry David Thoreau.

Koh Tao sunset.

Koh Tao sunset.

Welcome back to reality. It is the cold heard truth I have become faced with coming back from 8 months of travelling. And working. This is the common presupposition that most people hold on my return. The cold hard truth hits you. Now you are again one of us. Put in the hours, do the time. Do what you don’t want to do because we all do it.

Is it a surprise that so many people are dissatisfied? Even if it harbours a restless soul?

Work is hard. Even music I find challenging and downright frustrating. I remember a Steve Angello quote on twitter. Remember this man has been part of one of the most successful electronic music groups of the last 5 years (Swedish House Mafia). He recognised that his record label did not bring him much money but it was “good for the soul”.

So there is the implicit difference. Doing something because you “have” to, because someone told you to or you feel an obligation to. As against something that you do that nourishes you, nurtures you and supports your internal soul satisfaction.

In the end when you look at your own mortality you realise:

“You can’t take money with you”.

“You can’t take possessions with you”.

I had Youtube on and it was flicking through some songs. On came Bruno Mars. I respect the guy, he is doing his thing. And it was a live concert with Sting, Lady Gaga and a number of other mainstream artists. And do you know who they were commemorating? Bob Marley. Wow. Here is a man who has been dead for zions and still his LEGACY lives on. The same applies to Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson. The list goes on.

Why does your reality have to be steeped in suffering and struggle? Why can’t it be a life you dreamed about? It is a mindset problem.

My friend Sam has reinvented herself. In order to pursue her dream she had to move state. Was it hard? Yes, I saw her working in the spud shop while I was drinking on Grand Final Day. She had a vision of her purpose. And she is living the dream now. Her company is paying for her honours program. It beats accepting her previous reality.

Change is uncomfortable. Routine is not. That’s why people choose routine. I have had patients who would rather stay in pain than change a routine. We have been conditioned to be so risk adverse that we would rather let someone fix us than be proactive. They stay in jobs that make them sick in order to perpetuate the cycle.

You can build your dream life. But it is not easy. And that is different for everyone.
I leave with you with this:

“Row row row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily merrily merrily merrily
Life is but a dream.”


You fill what you define.

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”
― Michelangelo Buonarroti

I have had an interesting concept running around in my head with travelling.

When I go to an ATM at the end of another country I have visited there is always a quandary of how much money to withdraw (which costs me $5 every time I go).

But understand this. No matter what I do it always tends to work out perfectly.

I had this same concept when I have visited Indonesia recently. I was in a dilemma on how much to withdraw. Call it an innate intuition, but I withdrew the money almost exactly (apart from the fact I did not getcharged $20 at the airport for tax like I thought I would).

I wonder then if your subconscious mind then goes to work on rationalising that exact money so you don’t over or under spend. I think so.

I thought of this as a concept and the above quote.

What if life expands the same way. What if you thought of some big goal and expanded it even further beyond your wildest dreams. Life can then fill in the gaps.

Why would life expand on something small? That’s all you have asked for. If I ask you for $20, that’s all you are going to give me right? But if I ask for $100, even if I do not get that amount of money, it will be higher than the original $20. Rejection is better than regret. Ask and you will receive.

This is a concept that is totally logical.

But most people don’t do this. They get content with a job they don’t really like, doing things they don’t want to do, to fund a lifestyle that is not making them happy. They have a routine and make a settlelment with themselves. They are not happy but justify it.

Why don’t you expand on your dreams. Your subconscious mind will then go to work on the new, expanded model. Even if the dream or goal does not come to fruition as planned, you will enjoy the journey, and not regret you have not fulfilled your potential. You will become a better person than one who is risk averse and in a boring, stale routine, learning nothing.


All good things must come to an end.

Did you know the Tibetan Buddhists meditate on death? This is the nine point meditation on death:

Truth: Death is certain.

1. We cannot escape death.
2. Each moment we are alive brings us closer to death.
3. Death comes as a single instant and is unexpected.

Truth 2: The time of death is uncertain.

4. The duration of our lives is unpredictable.
5. There are more causes for death than there are for life.
6. The human body is extremely fragile.

Truth 3:The only thing that can help you at the time of death is your mental and spiritual development.

7. Wealth we’ve accumulated can’t help.
8. Friends and family cannot help.
9. Our bodies can’t help.

What can we conclude from this? Your time is valuable. As is the amount of time you have been put on this Earth to do what you want to do.

Even travel comes to an end as I near the end of this trip. It’s something I cannot change. The world is in constant change. Your body is in constant change.

Once you can accept that things do not last forever, even your life, you may be able to take a moment to pause and realise that everything changes. Experiences come and go. People come and go.

It’s a reason to step out in the world.
But it is also a realisation not to get sad. And to move on, because everything else does.

Trust the process.

I am going to start writing on the run and make observations as I see them.

One today that I found is trusting the process of life.

Sometimes life does not work entirely to plan. How boring if it did.

I am in Bandung Indonesia writing in a very big American food chain store. Not somewhere I would normally choose. But I have caught 2 busses, no one speaks English and I am trying to find a gym recommended to me.

I would not have thought I would be here. When I start getting frustrated I just try and breathe and think of how lucky I am to be in this situation. Are you thankful or resentful?

Things went well yesterday. Not so well today. But it is all because everything is working that there needs to be balance. So take the good with not so good (notice I did not say bad).

Have a firm idea on where you want to go and you will be lead there. And don’t worry about what happens. It’s part of the plan.

Daniel Steinberg – Let me down (Tube & Berger remix). Unofficial video.

Hi y’all,

Here is some light hearted entertainment I made on the flight from Bali to Bandung. This spontaneously happened and I found it quite amusing so I decided to post.