Amame by Bass Adjustment.

Some cool funky deep house here,

Cool bongos, old school percussion, funky sax and impressive pads and strings, this is an intricate piece of work. Throughout there are the whispered words of bass adjustment (and some French singing) with funky guitar licks and strumming chords.

These guys are funky vibesters. A cool find.

What do you think?

ZuluLUV by aka KidBeat

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Here is a cool beat I have found.

African tribal singing with electronic keys and arpy fills and a square type bass and some cool funky percussion.

Let the artist know what you think on his sound cloud ( He certainly has some cool material on there.


Life, like music and the world cup, is a matter of inches.

Hi all,

Well the world cup has been and gone. I watched very few matches, but the few I did were generally great in their standard. World class performers, playing at the absolute elite. Did you know you can be world class as well?

The German winner was a brilliant display of skill and finishing. It got me thinking. What a wonderful experience for these young men. But professional sport is a tough environment and they have earnt it.

But how different it could have been. Life, like anything, is about choices. Your life is working at present because of the choices you have made. In the great amphitheatre of life.

One split second either way could make a difference between winning and losing. Between triumph and failure. It was so evident in the final. Disallowed goals, Messi missing by inches which he would normally score.

Sometimes we cannot avoid how the ball rolls. But with maximum effort and desire, you can full fill your part of the equation and let life fill in the details.

I am still buzzing from the experience. I am wondering how the players felt. I could almost tap into the energy and imagine me playing, the feeling of everyone watching. Now can you transfer that energy over to realising how good it would be to play to tens of thousands of people?

I suggest you do this. Keep dreaming.

In the end there are winners and losers but I hope there can be some perspective. A great spectacle, high energy and the realisation that life can be pretty much a matter of inches. You have to roll with it.

Until next time,

Nissim Gavriel & Ozgur Ozkan – Lights Off (Preview) [Stellar Fountain Records]

Sweet little proggy number here from Nissim Gavriel and Ozgur Ozkan

Let the guys know what you think on their sound cloud accounts.

Live @ 125 June/July on

Hi guys,

Just a little note to check out for some excellent Australian dance music. Not only does my set feature on the site here but there is a plethora of excellent music to be found. You will not be disappointed.


Mitaric – Spending The Day Dreaming Of The Night [PHW Elements]

Hi all,

I have come across a new tune from Mitaric. A grooving progressive riser, the song contains a pad line throughout with nice overlaying keys giving it a nice melodic, deeper feel. The breakdown gives the song room to breathe whilst retaining the pad and giving the track room to breathe.

This would be ideal to start your night off sipping a few cocktails.

Let Mitaric know what you think of his production on his sound cloud.

Did I get the review right?

[Deep House] Danny Darko ft Edgard Mile & Akil Wingate – Stay (Strawberry) (Original Mix)

Hi guys,

Well here is a great little tune I have come across. As some of you may know I remixed Akil Wingate’s Startime which managed to be played on radio shows all around the world.

Well he has now teamed up with Danny Darko to bring us some sensual, soulful deep house.

The track has a deep melodic guitar groove with Akils haunting, hurt voice singing regarding genuine heartbreak, loneliness and the perils of love. Guilt, regret, pain. It’s all very real. We have all been through it. And it is especially touching if you have been through it recently. Both the producer and the singer have captured the mood perfectly.

The track is beautifully produced, with bongo rhythms, guitar licks and rhythms throughout, along with a deep groovy baseline. And this song above all has soul and groove. Not a screeching synth in sight. It does not try and be too brash and fits the more sombre mood of the song. The mix allows the Akil to express his performance with poise and polish.

What do you think?

Enjoy the music! Did I get it right?


The true power of thought. Read this and get what you want!

Hi all,

Ever wondered what the true power of thought may be. I will give you an example.

I bought a laptop bag yesterday, and under normal circumstances I would be happy with my purchase. But I had an element of buyer’s remorse.

I love my laptop. The purchase felt right at the time. But travelling means you need to be somewhat frugal with money. Seventy dollars at home would not be that much of a worry.

As I purchased this from the Apple shop and left the shop, guilt surfaced. Had I looked around the cheaper malls? Was this the best product and best bang for my buck so to speak? Seventy dollars can get you a lot in Thailand.

I happened to need a backpack so I ventured to a different mall.

But guess what I stumbled into there? The biggest array of electrical/laptop accessory shops ever assembled (it seemed) in the entire world.

Only then I realised that as I was worrying over my purchase, I was feeding my subconscious mind full of the thought of laptop bags. And of course thats what I was lead to find.

Ever bought a car and thought it was exclusive? Then drove out of the dealership and happened to see 20 others in the space of a kilometre. It’s the same example.

It’s an interesting phenomenon.. the lesson in it. Always feed your thoughts of what you want, not what you don’t want. The thought you hold will always manifest as a physical match of itself. It’s that simple.

If you keep thinking you cannot make dance music then guess what? You never will be able to make dance music. If you keep thinking that you never get gigs and that all the big jocks are lucky with all the contacts then guess what? All the big jocks will continue to get all the gigs and you will be left with zilch. Change your thinking. Think of the gigs you will get in the future. Think of the great music you will make and the kind of music you will make. Do everything you can to fill your mind of positive images and sounds that you like and are influenced by. It works.

Thoughts are powerful. Use them to your advantage. Why not think about what you want. Thinking about what you don’t have has shown to make you unhappy. You are always reaching for something just outside your grasp. Thinking about what you want gives you hope, and if you do it enough, there is a good chance it will come true. Or something just as good. You never always get what you want in life, but you get what you need.

Try it. You might be surprised.

Elton Smith Presents Live @ 125 June/July 2014 (Living the dream).

I’m just living the dream man. Heeey mmmuuuuum,, the meatloaf. We waaaant it nnnooooowwww!
Check out the intro, you will know what i mean.
I did this mainly in a cafe in Siam Square Bangkok. An experimentation in lifestyle design. This was also aired at numerous bars on the beautiful Koh Samet. Enjoy life.
As always please join me on Facebook at and on twitter @ djeltonsmith. I appreciate any comments you may have on the mix.


What are you doing differently?

Did you know that humans crave new experiences.
It reinvigorates then mind, keeping us stimulated and in contact with the flow of life.
However the modern lifestyle has told us to get into a routine, participate in mind numbing repetitive work as part of a societal “norm”. Save for retirement, tow the line, lack individuality, follow the crowd.
Soon you get bored and wonder why your life is disappearing around menial work.
We are goal seeking organisms. We need to feel the need to be continuing to develop and grow. To learn.
So do something different. Even if it is take a different route to work, read a new book or do something that you have been fearful of doing.
This way you will develop into something greater each day.
Try to write a baseline in a way you have never written before.
Change environments, mix things up a bit, go to different studios.

Let me know how you go and ask questions if you need.

Best regards,